Fish conversations

Fish 1: wither wander thy, fish of the river

Fish 2: I have come from afar, through muddy rivers, to iron sluices of mutiny

Fish 1: That is why thy face looks like a very ragged wart

Fish 2: Such arguments are stupendous

Fish 1: Was another by your side?

Fish 2: yes, but his time hath come and gone.

Fish 1: was it the murderous double legged creates of the land?

Fish 2: Yes, they hath taken him, with an device so cunning, it nearly has tricked me as well

Fish 1: I am sorry for thy loss, I will pray from the bottom of my bosom

Fish 2: For thy support, I am thankful

Fish 1: Myself hath had my nearly been latch’d as well

Fish 2: onward my gentleman

Fish 1: It was a surprisingly pleasant afternoon. Then a sinister splash rang out through the water. Each and every soul stopped, and my beloved father eats thy wart-faced fisherman’s bait.

Fish 2: Thy fair fish, have seen as much as I hath too. Let’s seek revenge on those artless onion-eyed canker-blossoms!

Fish 1: Hath thou no sense? Thou might be everything but scared. But you are slow of learning. Their level of hatred would even surprise Satan himself.

Fish 2: Then this battle shall continue another night, aided by another full moons worth of energy.

Fish Anatomy; Northen Pike


This is the Northern Pike. It is a predatory fish with a lofty reputation. It lives in still to slow moving water. The smaller Pikes swim around and go for faster moving prey in the open. The larger fish usually wait and ambush live, sick or dead fish. They can be located in small, slow moving streams beside roads, to large lakes or polders (marshland with small islands). They hide under any cover they can find. When a fish goes over the damn,pike hammer them. The largest of pikes hold the wrath over the water. The northern pike eats everything from small bait fish to ducks, and even its own kind! Just search on Google images of pike eating another pike!


Let’s describe this tyrant fish. The Northern Pike can be lengths up to about two meters and are long. It is shaped like a long torpedo with the most power comes from his long muscular body which he uses to paddle his long and wide tail. It has two rows of deadly sharp teeth.

Now, how do you catch one? There are two ways that are effective, lures and bait. But before you go out and use any lures, you need a good rod and quiet thick line. You WILL need a metal leader because the line will be bitten through. Now onto the lures. The best lures to use are spinners, hard-body lures, and soft plastics.

Spinners- they are metals sticks with shiny blades on them. The blades spin around the metal stick and create visuals and vibrations. It also has metal beads for weight and feathers or string for intensity. The spinner triggers an vexation in the Pike’s mind. It is the most effective and original lure for pike.

Hard-body lure- is either made out of balsa, or plastic. It is a hard lure and has a lip which causes its movement. There are also lures which are linked in the middle. When it is retrieved, the body parts move like a fish. This lure is usually quiet big, but they can get some of the biggest fish.

Soft plastic- this is the most doted way to catch pike, in my opinion. Soft plastics are generally fished on a jig-head, which is a hook with a shape of lead at the front to give weight. Each soft-plastic has a specific action.  Bellow are a few common shape actions. The strength of the rubber can wane after use.


But the most effective way for catching the monster pikes, dead bait. Using a large floater and a leader to double treble hook set-up, you can fish small bait fish for those monsters. The bait you can use is any local fish, and even from the sea. Let the pike take the bait because it will half grab the fish, swim to safety and then swallow it. . RECOMMENDATION, flatten the barbs on the treble hooks because it will be a pain for the fish, and for you to get them out.


lofty-Extended high into the sky, of high reputation

wrath- strong, stern, or fierce

tyrant- ruler who missuses power and uses it in an aggressive way

vexation- act of vexing, being irritated

doted- to bestow or express excessive love or fondness

wane- to decrease slowly




Writing a poem ’bout fishing is hard,

What can be said about this sport?

Many say you just stay guard,

And wait till one’s caught.


Writing a poem ’bout fishing is hard,

You can buy stuff with a credit card.

That was a bit off topic,

But once you’re hooked,

You’ll want some antibiotic.


Writing a poem ’bout fishing is hard,

When you chum don’t bombard,

The water with worm,

But rather swarm,

The water-way


Writing a poem ’bout fishing is hard,

Isn’t this repeating line?

Like a piece of twine,

As it wiggles about,

Once the fish is cranked out?


Why not think of something else?

Like when the fish belts,

After its release back to,

After the stress it was put through.













Fish Anatomy: Saltwater Gar


In this week’s blog post, I will talk about a common and easily catch-able fish in Qatar. It is called the saltwater gar but also named hound needle fish. The picture is above. You might have thought:” ohhhh Crockery! Look at those teeth mate!” Or at least that is what I said when I caught it for the first time. Alright, let’s look at its characteristics, and then where and how to catch them.

The Saltwater gar is a very aggressive and territorial fish. It swims on the surfaces in shoals from about 1 to 30. It has a long body with two long jaws with razor sharp needle-like teeth. They can grow from very small fish to a maximum of about two and a half meters and stay on the surface with a maximum depth of about 1 meter. The smaller fish swim in small shoals by docks, and the bigger fish are usually alone and are more in open water. So you kind of know some stuff about the fish, but how do you catch one? Let’s take a look.

There are two set-ups I am going to show you. The first set up is a bit easier to use, but not nearly as effective as the second one. If you are a beginner, than I suggest you use the first setup. Both set-ups can be used on either a rod, or a hand line. Enough talking, let’s take a look!

1. This first set-up uses floater, split-shots and a hook. Put the weights underneath the sinkers till the floater is up tight in the water. I can go deeper into this but right know that is not necessary. Just weight the line so much the floater is almost underwater and that a bite would easily drag it under.  For hooks either of the hooks shown below is good, but just makes sure they are quite small and very sharp. When fishing with this technique, let the current drag the floater around, but make sure it doesn’t get hooked on anything. Remember, the line is directly below the floater! You want the line to be short because these fish swim on the surface; I recommend a maximum length of line after the floater at twenty centimeter. Below is a picture of this set-up;

2- This is a bit more challenging to use, but can be very effective. This requires a few light split shots and a hook. The set-up goes a few split shots, than the hook about ten centimeters from the split shots. Make sure that it it is not so heavy, that it sinks to fast and the fish can’t get to it.

In this order from left to right; hook, long-shank hook, split shots, different types of floaters.




You must have been thinking “but what goes on the hook?” I recommend chokka (squid or cuttlefish) It is tuff meat and will stay on really well.

The saltwater gar should not be confused with a look-a-like shown below. This fish, the Atlantic needle fish, it is shorter, fatter and has only one long jaw.

Smart fisherman

A fisherman would walk along the sea, lake, or by river, and he would stare into the water as if the fish are staring back.  He admires the beauty of nature and hopes to get a slice of it. A true fisherman respects nature and tries to leave with no damage done to the environment at all. He is more of an asset than a hindrance to the world because he practices catch and release and handles the fish with care as he knows that it is not just a simple creature that only thinks on instincts. He makes the right and must humane choices when a fish is badly injured and does not let the fish die slowly and painfully in a cooler box. He also respects other fisherman like they are his brothers or sisters and keeps them safe. Another thing a true fisherman would do is that he shares his glory with others, and shows young ones how it is done with as much patients as possible. He is humble about his catch, and knows how to catch out lies. He is amazing at catching fish, in any sort of way. It is like he is a fish-whisperer. Is this true?

Nobody is perfect. If people can aim to be more like this person, or have the same mindset, , we might be able to save fish. Yes, the earth is made out of about 70% water, and yes there are plenty of fish in the sea, but important species are dying out and each species has a specific job in the ecosystem. It is extremely sophisticated but important. For example, in  and around a reef t has its own eco-system. These are predators, cleaners, scrap-eaters, etc. Here is a good example; the giant sea snail eats the giant horned starfish which eats and destroy coral reefs. Humans hunted the giant snails for their elegant shells. Their population went down to critically endangered. The giant horned starfishes’ population went up. This resulted in many coral reefs being destroyed by them. We must try to educate more people and companies about the risk of endangered species of animals. If they are extinct, the eco-system will fall out of balance. Fish populations recover very slowly. A good example is the fish species Kob. It was overfished and almost extinct. Then an action was taken to recover the species. Even though this action was started a long time ago, and there has been some improvement, the species may never recover to its original, monstrous, population. This is why the conservation of fish and other animals is so important.




Admires- to regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval.

Asset- a useful and desirable thing or quality

Hindrance- an impeding, stopping, preventing, or the like.

humane- characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for thesuffering or distressed

Sophisticated- complex and refine

elegant- pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

monstrous-frightful or hideous, especially in appearance

mindset-an attitude, disposition, or mood.

monstrous-frightful or hideous, especially in appearance

Roach Lunch

The fiberglass rod felt heavy, holding it at the end. I followed it till the tiny tip, and then continued to the almost invisible line. It ended at a bright orange floater. It shot underwater and I lifted the rod upwards and swung the roach into my grasping hand. Do you want to know the secret of roach fishing? Let’s me show you the ways

To begin with, the equipment I am using. For a rod, a 4 meter long fiberglass ”vaste-stok” with a light 6 pound mono filament line. For hooks I am using Specimen Species, roach at a size 10 or I use a smaller, like size 12, and larger floater, like six grams, when I fish in faster moving water. I also recommend using a floater with more of a belly for the fast moving waters to keep it up right. For floater I recommend a small stick float at about 4 grams so it’s easy for the fish to pull it under, and it is not too small. Really, the most important piece of equipment is bait. The technique you use to prepare the bread is a method that can only be learned through time and experience. Let me show you how.

First of all, you need white bread. Keep this in the fridge to keep it cold and moist. Take one or two slices and put them in an airtight container. This is important because if the bread dries out then it cannot be used anymore. First chum the water with the crust. Then take a piece of bread about the size of a coin, and spit a bit on your finger. Rub the bread into a doughy substance between your fingers. It should feel like moist dough. Determine if you are going to make it smaller keeping in mind the size of the fish in your fishing area. Embed your hook into the bread and give it a slight squeeze. This should stay on very long. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is the amount of water or spit you mix with the bread. Too much, it will fall apart; this goes for too little water too. Well you know the ways, but hold on. Do you know how to catch one?

In the beginning, hold the rod upright and swing forward. Place the floater close to a cover spot for a fish. When the floater bobs up and down, a fish is eating your bait. Then when it goes under, lift your rod upwards at a fast pace to hook the fish.

There you have it! Happy fishing and practice catch and release.

Spear fishing at the inland sea

Driving in our Land-cruiser to the inland sea was a rough drive. The suspensions are horribly making us fly around the car with every bump in the sand. When we finally gotten to our spot, we were totally shaken up and hoping for a break. I climbed out the SUV and opened the back door to get an old fishing spear which I bought at the Souk for a bit too much. I strolled to the ocean and went in till I was ankle deep. The course sand seeping between my toes felt refreshing. Then I saw it, the black stick with slight blue tinged, lying a few meters away in the water. I located the two holes close to it, the head. I sneaked up close, holding my spear like a caveman. The stingray jerked off from the bottom sneaked of at a snail’s pace. I pulled my arm back, the stingray shot of, and with all my might, I thrust the spear at the stingray. It stopped dead in its path. I grabbed the spear and lifted it up. It was lightly hooked by one side so I let it go fast. The ride back was longer and even more tiring than then when we came. Once we got home, I knew just what to do, and this is just what I did.

The grey colored plug was plugged into the computer. Clicks were heard from the room, lots of it. Sometimes a pause for a few minutes, then it would continue. A video file was dragged onto an icon showing a “Pr” and after a bit of clicked, dragging, and cutting, there was a final click, and then a long pause. A button was clicked, and it played out before his eyes, but in slow motion.  GoPro’s are a lot of fun.

Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression. What really is freedom of expression? Is it saying what you want to say? Or is it something different. To me freedom of expression means you can say and express what you want, except if it deliberately hurts someone.  To me as a person, think about what you are going to say before you say it. I have had a few times were I blurted something out and afterwords I though it was unnecessary and thought that it hurt someone. I am sure that many of you have had a similar experience. Looking at the perspective of an international blogger, you need to think again before you post someone’s feelings. but if it is an argument then I think it is ok, unless you are pointing fingers at someone. In the United States Constitution under the First Amendment:Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. This means to me that people can express their opinions with others and publicly. But they must be appropriate and must not directly offend someone.


Hey guys, This is my blog for Language arts class. I will be writing about my fishing adventures, but I will be including specific writing elements. Sometime I will write about other important topics too. So basically I will be writing and including specific writing elements such as word choice,  foreshadowing, ambiguity, tone, perspective, and sentence structure.